Breakfast is the first meal of the day. The word is a combination of "break" and "fast," referring to the conclusion of the fast whilst asleep the previous night. It is widely referred to as the most important meal of the day. Breakfast usually consists of foods that are high in energy content.

Many nutritionists consider breakfast a very important meal, since it provides vital nourishment and energy for starting the day.



The usual North Indian breakfast consists of stuffed paratha breads or unstuffed parathas (they resemble as crepes) with fresh butter, cooked tatse vegetables—especially aloo sabzi. Puri and chholey is also a popular north-Indian breakfast, along with rajma-chawal.

Popular accompaniments include sweets like jalebi, halwa, and sweetened milk. Samosas, and combination of jalebi with yogurt (dahi-jalebi) comprise stand-alone breakfast items in Uttar Pradesh and its surrounding parts. In Maharashtra, poha, upma, idli, Thalipit, and shira (similar to kesaribath) is frequently eaten for breakfast.

Gujarati breakfast items include haandvo, dhokla, sev-khamni, theplas (a form of paratha), bhaakhri and assorted hard and crispy masala puris with pickles. A dip for the theplas is also made by mixing pickle with yogurt. Tea is a staple item in breakfast. Children are encouraged to drink milk instead of tea.


List of Break-fast

* Paratha 

* Lassi

* Milk


*Aalo poori

* Bread-Butter



*Healty BreakFast

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