Cuisine of Haryana

Haryanvi cuisine is like the people of Haryana-simple, robust and inextricably linked to the land. In Haryana, the accent is on food that is wholesome, fresh and prepared with little or no fuss at all. Food always evolves out of a certain cultural context. The simpler the culture or civilization, so too the cuisine which is uncomplicated and essentially implies sustenance. However, Haryana with its essentially agrarian culture, has retained a simplicity in its cuisine.

The 'Land of Rotis' is an apt title for Haryana as people are fond of eating different kinds of rotis here. Wheat rotis are common and so are baajre ki roti. In earlier times rotis would be made from a flour of wheat, gram and barley, a truly nutritious and healthy combination. Then there is the gochini atta made from wheat and gram flour. However with the rising price of gram and barley, people prefer the comparatively cheaper wheat flour, a loss both in terms of teste and nutrients.

Haryana is well known for its cattle wealth and can claim to be the home of the famous Murrah buffalo and the Haryana cow. Little wonder then that there is an abundance of milk and milk products in Haryanvi cuisine. People make butter and ghee at home and use these liberally in their daily diet. Home made butter is called nooni or tindi ghee and is churned fresh daily in most homes. It is customary for a gril's family to give her gifts of ghee clarified butter), gondh (edible gum), laddus (a sweetmeat made of gram flour) and dry fruits when she becomes a mother. Buttermilk, chaaj is a favourite drink and is considered very cooling. Lassi made from yoghurt is another popular drink, almost a meal in itself. The Haryanvi's love for lassi can be gauged from the fact that thandai, a sweet, milk based drink is called kachi lassi in Haryana.

Fresh vegetables are the main stay of Haryanvi cuisine which is primarily vegetarian. Dals are not consumed daily and vegetables seasoned lightly are preferred. Tinda, ghia (kind of sweet gourd) and other seasonal vegetables constitute a major part of the daily diet in Haryana. On special occasions, pethe ki subji is made. Bajre ki khichri and raabri, made from a paste of millet flour cooked and then mixed with lassi are also relished greatly here. Haryanvis also like teet ka achar or pickle made from the fruit of the Kair tree. As the fruit is bitter, it is first crushed and then soaked in brine to remove the bitterness. Later, spices and oil are added. The pickle is ready to be consumed after some days.


Some of the famous cuisine of Haryana are :

Kachri Ki Sabzi

Singri Ki Sabzi

Hara Dhania Cholia

Methi Gajjar

Kadhi Pakora

Mixed Dal


Bathua Raita

Tamatar Chutney

Besan Masala Roti-Makhan

Bajra Aloo Roti-Makhan

Bhura Roti-Ghee

Mithe Chawal





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